IOIO Studio is the place to go for the ultimate skin rejuvenation and soul pampering. We offer a full range of non-invasive cosmetic and therapeutic services, with the latest technology and the most knowledgeable clinicians and staff.

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Love the staff and the prices are very reasonable. I will be returning soon.

-Google User


I did the facial revitalization. I was skeptical but I honestly saw and felt a difference. I have a lot of freckles and I saw significant fade after a few days. Initially some got darker as I was told they might but then within a few days I saw fading. The treatment didn’t hurt and my face was slightly red for about an hour after the treatment. I was told it is addicting and now I understand, I can’t wait for my next treatment.

-Google User

I went to IOIO for facial rejuvenation and I was quite nervous on my first visit, however, Dr. Miller and her staff were professional, kind, informative and supportive. The procedure along with its risks/benefits and side effects were explained, my questions were answered and I was informed at every step along the way. The laser itself was slightly uncomfortable (nothing I could not handle) but not painful. The numbing medication helped. I will take ibuprofen before my next visit. My face was red and swollen initially, but subsided after about 2 hours ( I was able to carry on with my day). The next day, some of the areas had gotten darker but this was explained as part of the process. I have already scheduled my next appointment and am looking forward to a fresher appearance with younger looking skin. Thank you IOIO!

-Lisa B.


The facility is clean and trendy, the staff is professional and friendly. The Dr. was honest and upfront about desired/achievable results. The equipment is up to date and my outcome was wonderful! I would recommend that anyone go here. Good luck!

-Michelle D.

I signed up for 4 treatments for facial rejuvenation. I didn’t know what to expect, and after the first treatment, I really didn’t notice a big difference, but that is exactly what I was told. By the third visit after a few days, I noticed that my skin seemed more firm and my brown spots seemed to be fading. I am waiting to have my final fourth treatment soon. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. This is a non-invasive and low risk treatment to give me a fresher, younger looking skin.

-Google User

My wife had the facial rejuvenation and the experience was simply amazing. Jill took exceptional care of her and made certain she was comfortable with the process prior to even touching her face. After two treatments, we both cannot believe the results. I hate to sound cliche but she looks ten years younger!

-Google User

I love Dr. Miller! She’s knowledgeable AND fun to talk to. I’m looking forward to using other services at IOIO soon.

-Noelle P.